Musical & Role Play

Mini Lion Piano

Cute Fisher-Price lion character with keyboard for endless musical fun!

Musical Microphone

Create your own talent show at home with the Fisher-Price musical microphone.

Musical Touch Piano

Cool touch piano design with bumper. Touch and play easily on the touch membrane.

Standing Microphone

Be a rock star with this cool standing microphone. Sync with a music player and sing along.

Shaking Maracas

Shake both to add crazy sound effects or a rattle sound to the rhythm.

My First Guitar

Funny preschool guitar with cute design for endless musical fun!

Drum Set

Be the creator of the music and play fun mixes all day long!

Supermarket Hand Scanner

Play with your role play scanner, just like the real one in the supermarket.

Crocodile Xylophone

Six colorful light-up bars that kids can tap with the mallet to create sounds.

Animal Piano

Cute designed piano with keyboard for endless musical fun!

Rock Guitar

Slide the tremolo key for different cool sound effects.

LED Night Light

LED Night Light Elephant

No need to be afraid of the dark with this light-up animal friend.

LED Night Light Hippo

Fabric ears with plastic body different feeling touch.

LED Night Light Lion

Stylish kids room deco light in cute Fisher-Price animal character!