High-level retro games: with Street Fighter II, Pac-Man and Galaga

This is what you dreamed of as a kid! The retro trend of games takes you back to memory lane to relive old memories. Home arcade machines have been around for a long time, but up until now they really had been a pleasure for wealthy and nostalgic people. Now Arcade1Up takes the craze to the next level with self-built arcade machines! These machines have a retail value of €399. There are different machines, each with its own iconic title: Street Fighter II, Pac-Man and Galaga are among the first batch.


The following the games are included with each model:

  • – Pac-Man from Namco: Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus
  • – Galaga machine from Bandai Namco: Galaga and Galaxian
  • – Capcom’s Street Fighter II machine: Street Fighter II Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers and  Super Street Fighter II Turbo

After its launch in the United States and the United Kingdom, the reviews have unanimously rated it as excellent. Gamers relive their dizzying arcade memories of the 80s and are over the moon!


This series of arcade machines has been designed with the perfect dimensions for home or office. They are about three quarters the size of the original arcade machine, namely 1,21m high. This means that you can sit on a stool to play or put it on a riser to elevate it. This riser is sold separately.



These arcade machines come with the same sticker art as the original ones, the joystick and the buttons have the right click feeling and sound from the past.


With the arcade machine you can add a special touch to your interior and you can show off your nerdy side. Hours of game fun is guaranteed with this cool gadget!  Invite your friends and improve each other’s high score. The Streetfighter version comes with two joysticks so you can fight against your friends!


There is an on/off switch and a dual mode volume control. Pressing and holding the player selection button will open menus to restart the game. Building your own machine is easy. It takes you less than an hour using a simple manual. The cabinet is made of lightweight wood and has an acrylic cover that protects the 17-inch colour LCD screen. The cabinet itself is hollow and weighs 26 kilos.